Purposeful and Useful Blogs About Trade SchoolsPurposeful and Useful Blogs About Trade Schools

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Purposeful and Useful Blogs About Trade Schools

Thinking about trade school? Wondering if it's right for your learning style? Want to read about how to get accepted into trade school or what sort of programme to select? Then, please explore my blog. My name is Katie, and I attended trade school for welding a number of years ago. I loved it, and I adore the career I started I can't promise to cover every topic, but I really promise to try. I hope that you like this blog and that it answers your questions. I live with my mum and dad but am saving to put a down payment on a house soon. My new career has made it possible. Thanks for reading!


Applying for an Apprenticeship: A Guide

If you have almost finished high school, you may be considering if you should continue on into higher education or to enter the workplace. If you are thinking about entering the workforce, you may not have considered the many benefits of signing up for an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship will give you the chance to work with fully trained members of staff who will guide you as you develop the skills needed to complete a particular role, and during this time you will be paid. Read More